Who will look after me and have they had training?

Clinical staff are lead by the Clinical Manager, who has had many years’ training and experience, supported by two Clinical Coordinators. Together they direct the clinical team which consists registered nurses, carers and our own occupational therapist. At Avondale, our philosophy is to provide the highest standards of nursing care whilst maintaining a warm, friendly and dignified environment. At Avondale there are qualified nurses on duty 24 hours a day. On-going staff training, staff appraisal and supervision ensure that we provide the best possible care and services to all our residents. We also have an in-house trainer to support our staff.

Will I be able to keep my GP?

All residents are actively encouraged to maintain their own GP. However if a resident is from outside the area, it may be necessary to register with a local GP of their choice. GPs make regular visits to the home along with other professionals on request and we can assist with changes of GP if that is your wish.

Are special diets catered for?

We recognise the importance of maintaining a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet to promote health and well-being. Our emphasis is on good home cooking. Alternatives to the menu of the day are always available and special diets, such as gluten free, etc., are catered for. Healthy eating is promoted by Avondale and can be supported by the catering team and with additional Occupational Therapist involvement, if needed.

Will I be able to bring my own furniture and will I have my own room?

Yes. You would have your own room and we currently have only single occupancy rooms. We encourage residents to personalise their own rooms as this provides for a homely atmosphere, making the transition into residential care less stressful. We can accommodate some personal furniture but of course, the size and amount of furniture is dependant on room size and risks.

Will there be any extras to pay for?

As in your own home, after the main bills have been paid, personal requirements such as taxis, newspapers, magazines and toiletries, other than those provided as basic etc. incur additional cost.
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Will my religious beliefs be upheld?

Yes, and we encourage all denominations of local clergy to visit our home to ensure that the spiritual needs of our residents are completely met.

Are there activities and outings?

Avondale organises activities, outings and functions, such as themed activities, special occasion celebrations, visits by home zoos, baking, bike riding, walking, swimming etc. We also have links with the local Recovery college and can support residents to access training and courses there. Resident contributions are sometimes required for some outings.

Is there a hairdresser, chiropodist and optician?

Avondale arranges for hairdressers, chiropodists and opticians to visit regularly. Their costs are not included in our fees.

Is there a no smoking policy?

Yes, in accordance with legislation, smoking is not allowed anywhere within the confines of the building. However, there are smoking shelters externally in the garden areas. We can assist you in accessing help to stop smoking if that is your wish.

What are the visiting hours?

There are no restrictions on visiting, but we do request that visitors are mindful of meal times and that there are others living at Avondale who would not wished to be disturbed later in the evening or overnight when sleeping. If visitors are causing disturbance to others they would, as elsewhere, be asked to leave and visit at a more suitable time.

Can I go out when I want to?

You are free to go out whenever you wish, but in the interest of health and safety and so that catering adjustments can be made, we ask you to inform a member of staff.

How long can I stay?

At Avondale, you can be resident for as long as we can meet your healthcare needs or until you wish to move elsewhere. Regular assessment ensures that you are being cared for in an appropriate way. Any decision regarding your care will always be discussed with you before any action is taken.

When do I have to go to bed?

You can get up and go to bed at whatever time you wish.

How much do you charge?

All of our fees are bespoke, however the standard rate for placements begins at £777.46. Additional fees maybe charged depending on changes in needs and if additional input, above the usual, is required. Rehabilitation starts at £880. Prices will be subject to assessment and also annual review so may alter.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately no. We cannot accommodate your pet.

Can I drink alcohol on the premises?

We do not encourage individuals to drink alcohol on the premises due to the impact this may have on others. Alcohol consumption is not allowed in any of the communal areas.

Do I have a key to my own personal space?

Yes, you do for your independence and security. You will be issued with one. Replacements are provided at an additional cost.