Its official, Avondale is an Outstanding service as rated by CQC in December 2019

Our rating came through in December 2019 and we had lots planned to build on that, all of which is either cancelled or on hold indefinitely due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Hopefully these can be rearranged for future, we will keep you updated with that.

Impact of Covid-19 on our service

Coronavirus/COVID-19 has provided a challenge for everybody and 2020 in particular has been at times scary, frustrating and demanding for us all. There have been far reaching changes in each and every person’s life and that has been no different for those who live and work at Avondale.

With the support of the outstanding staff team at Avondale, we have be able to put in to action all the necessary measures to help keep all those who live and work here, safe and well, whilst also doing our little bit to help cut down possible wider transmission to community areas.

Unfortunately, as with other care services we needed to suspend visiting, however that has now recommenced in a controlled way and shall hopefully continue, risks allowing.

As a service we recognise that visiting is a key part of maintaining social and family links and is essential in the promotion of individual’s emotional wellbeing. We welcome visits, however for the time being, these need to be controlled to prevent increased risk and allow access for as many visits as possible in the safest way we can.

To help visitors with the new measures we have already sent out direct to our regular visitors’ some information and guidance.

Information and policy changes remain fast changing and challenging at present, but we have provided some information on THIS LINK should you need clarification on what we have in place currently regarding visiting. Alternatively you can contact the service direct for updated information on any matter including our Covid-19 measures.

Thank you all for helping us stay safe and keep others safe by staying away when you have been asked.

Keep following the Government guidance and stay safe.

Costs have risen for PPE and that we can get is limited; cleaning, hygiene and care products are being impacted by the supply chain and staffing has been quite drastically impacted on. Equally we as a Charity and non-profit based service are reliant on beds being filled, we cannot at present due to the risks posed allow admissions, so we have hugely increasing costs and much reduced income.

Please help- if you can please help by donating a small amount if you can to assist. You can do so at or send donations direct to the service made payable to Delphside ltd. Every penny will go directly to helping support those in our care to stay safe.

Visitor Information
Visiting Protocol