In order that as a mental healthcare provider, we not only provide care, support and advance wellbeing and independence for individuals who reside at Avondale, we have taken the following proactive approach to helping address the stigma attached in some areas surrounding mental illness and promoting positive mental health.

  • Avondale have provided training and support to teenagers in alternative provision to educate about mental health, promote positive mental health resilience and to break down stereotypes.
  • We have set up education sessions with local schools, both primary and secondary, educating and providing insight into mental health awareness, teaching principles to promote better mental health resilience and breaking down stereotypes, also explaining what mental health care entails in relation to future careers etc.
  • We have networked with other care providers to arrange training supplied by Avondale but suitable to them and whilst doing so have created a better understanding of what each other can do to enhance joint working, especially surrounding safeguarding, recruitment, training links etc.
  • We have worked on improving links with local businesses to educate on mental illness, explain our service and creating better understanding of those in our care who access the community.
  • We have accessed many community based resources for individuals in our care for healthy activities such as cycling, swimming, walking, etc.
  • Further arranging access to the community resources for therapeutic or educational gain, such as accessing craft workshops, community based learning at the recovery college, shopping, attending gardening centres and gardening for health events, music events, trips out to new places for individuals such as football stadiums, different towns, museums etc.
  • Individuals are also offered training here on site in basic life support, fire evacuation etc. to help enhance their general skills and understanding of risks and processes.

We will continue to build links and look for more ways to enhance understanding of mental health in the community and break down stereotypes and assist those in our care.