At Avondale we have our own Occupational Therapist (OT) who is available on site. The OT works with new and existing residents, where appropriate, to devise a structured occupational therapy plan for their stay. We offer rehabilitation programmes based on individual assessment using the Model of Human Occupation (MOHO).

Some individuals may be coming to Avondale for a period of assessment to decide where is best for them to live on a more permanent basis. In this case, a full assessment of their skills will be carried out to determine their level of independence and any areas where they may require extra support. This could lead to a longer stay at Avondale with a rehabilitation plan to help the individual regain daily living skills, or it could lead to discharge from Avondale to accommodation more suited to their needs.

A thorough assessment of a persons’ skills will be carried out in areas such as:

  • Self-care: to help increase independence in daily living skills such as cooking or washing and dressing.
  • Leisure: to help increase confidence and independence in areas such as accessing the community on public transport to go shopping, attend community groups or participate in activities.
  • Productivity: to support residents’ to engage in volunteering opportunities both within Avondale and the community and offer support in accessing local colleges. We have built community learning links and are able to refer individuals on to courses available.

Working with the OT enables residents to increase their independence and satisfaction in the areas which are most important to them.